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Biography and Memoir January 2014
"Florence Nightingale is our most famous nurse, and her dynamic organizational skills changed the face of nursing for ever. But she was not alone, and the history of nursing records many groups of dedicated women who devoted their lives to raising the standards of nursing."
~ Jennifer Worth (1935-2011) British Nurse and musician, Call the Midwife
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New and Recently Released!
A woman in Berlin: eight weeks in the conquered city, a diary - Anonymous; translated by Philip Boehm
Check Library Catalogue Share A woman in Berlin%3a eight weeks in the conquered city, a diary ISBN-13: 9780805075403
ISBN-10: 0805075402
This powerful wartime journal written by an anonymous 34-year-old reporter and editor documents her life from April to June 1945, when the Russians occupied Berlin, which itself was mostly inhabited by German women. She writes about the lack of food, the looting, and the rapes endured by the city's women, including her own. A rare glimpse at ordinary people who struggle to survive.
Johnny Cash: the life - Robert Hilburn
Check Library Catalogue Share Johnny Cash%3a the life ISBN-13: 9780316194754
ISBN-10: 0316194751
In Johnny Cash, former Los Angeles Times music critic Robert Hilburn compellingly presents all the downs and ups of the country music star's life. Growing up on an Arkansas farm, Cash dreamed of performing to large audiences, but didn't know how to achieve his dream. Eventually, he moved to Nashville and - after quite a bit of effort - persuaded record executive Sam Phillips to listen to his songs. Years of stardom, struggles with drugs, divorce and remarriage, and apparent transition to has-been status followed - until he renewed his career with the help of producer Rick Rubin and took his music in unexpected new directions.
Alone together: my life with J. Paul Getty - Theodora Getty Gaston
Check Library Catalogue Share Alone together%3a my life with J. Paul Getty ISBN-13: 9780062219718
ISBN-10: 0062219715
The fifth and final wife of oil tycoon and art collector J. Paul Getty reveals intimate details of her glamorous, often painful relationship with one of the richest businessmen of the twentieth century who refused to put family first.
Biko: a life - Xolela Mangcu
Check Library Catalogue Share Biko%3a a life ISBN-13: 9781780767857
ISBN-10: 1780767854

Xolela Mangcu, who knew Biko, provides the first in-depth look at the life of one of the most iconic figures of the anti-apartheid movement, whose legacy is still strongly felt today, both in South Africa and worldwide in the global struggle for civil rights.

An American bride in Kabul - Phyllis Chesler
Check Library Catalogue Share An American bride in Kabul ISBN-13: 9780230342217
ISBN-10: 0230342213
A crusader for women's and human rights shares her experiences in 1961 as the wife of an Afghan college student, who, once back in Afghanistan, reverted to traditional and tribal customs, trapping her in a posh polygamous family.
Alex Ferguson: my autobiography - Alex Ferguson
Check Library Catalogue Share Alex Ferguson%3a my autobiography ISBN-13: 9780340919392
ISBN-10: 0340919396
The celebratory, revealing, inspiring and entertaining autobiography of the greatest manager in the history of British football.
As luck would have it - Derek Jacobi
Check Library Catalogue Share As luck would have it ISBN-13: 9780007458875
ISBN-10: 0007458878
Star of stage, screen and television, and one of only two people to be awarded two Knighthoods, Sir Derek Jacobi is one of Britain's most distinguished actors. 'If you want to be an actor, don't. If you need to be an actor, do.'
Eminent hipsters - Donald Fagen
Check Library Catalogue Share Eminent hipsters ISBN-13: 9780670025510
ISBN-10: 0670025518
A work of memoir and criticism by the co-founder of Steely Dan explores the cultural figures who shaped his youth in 1960s suburban New Jersey, his progressive education at Bard College, and the ups and downs of his cross-country tour with Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald.
Custer - Larry McMurtry
Check Library Catalogue Share Custer ISBN-13: 9781451626209
ISBN-10: 1451626207
A lavishly illustrated portrait of the 19th-century cavalry commander traces his rise from an unpromising West Point graduate to a distinguished military leader, providing coverage of such topics as his complicated marriage, mythologised defeat at Little Big Horn and enduring legacy.
Coop: a family, a farm, and the pursuit of one good egg - Michael Perry
Check Library Catalogue Share Coop%3a a family, a farm, and the pursuit of one good egg ISBN-13: 9780061240447
ISBN-10: 0061240443
Recounts the author's haphazard adventures in farm life and parenthood, including his wife's decision to give birth at home, the death of a close friend, and a pair of backside-biting pigs.
Elfrida: the first crowned Queen of England - Elizabeth Norton
Check Library Catalogue Share Elfrida%3a the first crowned Queen of England ISBN-13: 9781445614861
ISBN-10: 1445614863
The first-ever biography of the most powerful woman of tenth-century England. If you are interested in the lives of medieval queens of England, you might also enjoy Tracy Borman's Matilda, Alison Weir's Isabella and Helen Castor's She Wolves.
I am Malala: the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban - Malala Yousafzai
Check Library Catalogue Share I am Malala%3a the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban ISBN-13: 9780316322409
ISBN-10: 0316322407
Describes the life of a young Pakistani student who advocated for women's rights and education in the Taliban-controlled Swat Valley. Malala survived an assassination attempt and became the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the real Downton Abbey - Fiona Carnarvon
Check Library Catalogue Share Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the real Downton Abbey ISBN-13: 9780385344968
ISBN-10: 0385344961
Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the Real Downton Abbey, a transporting companion piece to the New York Times bestseller Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey, tells the story of Catherine Wendell, the beautiful and spirited American who married Lady Almina's son, the man who would become the 6th Earl of Carnarvon.
Elizabeth of York: a Tudor Queen and her world - Alison Weir
Check Library Catalogue Share Elizabeth of York%3a a Tudor Queen and her world ISBN-13: 9780345521361
ISBN-10: 0345521366
Elizabeth of York married Henry Tudor (Henry VII) in 1485 after years of factional struggle in the Wars of the Roses. This marriage helped Henry to establish a stable reign over England in place of violent political upheaval. Vividly depicting details of Elizabeth's life, biographer Alison Weir explains not only Elizabeth's significance in the line of royal succession, but also the value of her status as Henry's consort.
Focus on: Women in Medicine
Fans of Jennifer Worth's memoir Call the Midwife and its translation to television will find these biographies and memoirs of women in medical careers informative and engaging.
Final exam: a surgeon's reflections on mortality - Pauline W. Chen
Check Library Catalogue Share Final exam%3a a surgeon ISBN-13: 9780307275370
ISBN-10: 030727537X
Dr. Pauline Chen, a transplant surgeon, found out early in her medical training that it was difficult for her to face death and that her professors and colleagues had learned to suppress their emotional reactions to their patients' mortality. Throughout her continued training and her well-regarded career, Chen has tried to resist the medical profession's practice of denial and emotional disengagement from patients. In Final Exam, she describes her experiences dealing with human mortality, starting with a cadaver she dissected in medical school and continuing through recent experiences with care for the dying. While noting that attitudes within the medical profession are changing, she argues thoughtfully and with passion for more empathy among hospital practitioners and clinicians.
Another day in the frontal lobe: a brain surgeon exposes life on the inside - Katrina Firlik
Check Library Catalogue Share Another day in the frontal lobe%3a a brain surgeon exposes life on the inside ISBN-13: 9780812973402
ISBN-10: 0812973402
Most of us can say this about our work: "well, it's not brain surgery." That's not the case for neurosurgeon Katrina Firlik, who regularly gets hands-on with this most precious organ. If you've ever been curious about what we carry within our skulls, or wondered just what it takes to be a neurosurgeon, Firlik's experiences during her seven years of neurosurgery residence training will provide some enlightening answers. In this upbeat memoir, she describes her job as part mechanic and part scientist and explains the tools and skills used to treat brains affected by tumors, strokes, and bullets, among other things.
Nightingales: the extraordinary upbringing and curious life of Miss Florence Nightingale - Gillian Gill
Check Library Catalogue Share Nightingales%3a the extraordinary upbringing and curious life of Miss Florence Nightingale ISBN-13: 9780345451880
ISBN-10: 0345451880
The New York Times review of Nightingales notes, "It's hard to like Florence Nightingale. It's impossible not to admire her," and by the time you finish this book, you'll know exactly why. By placing Nightingale in the context of her times, and by exploring her devoted, though sometimes oppositional, relationship with her family, biographer Gillian Gill builds a picture of a daughter, sister, and very determined, intelligent, and courageous medical reformer. 
The blue cotton gown: a midwife's memoir - Patricia Harman
Check Library Catalogue Share The blue cotton gown%3a a midwife ISBN-13: 9780807072912
ISBN-10: 0807072915
Author Patricia Harman is a midwife married to an ob-gyn specialist; together they run a women's health clinic. In this appealing and informative memoir, Harman relates details of her personal life and explains how she interacts with her patients and their families. Based on a year from Harman's journal, The Blue Cotton Gown realistically includes details of stress, personal health issues, and the clinic's financial problems. Harman also compellingly recounts stories from patients at this small West Virginia health centre that's devoted to women's emotional and physical needs.

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