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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Book suggestions for 1000B4K participants.

New Kids Nonfiction

New nonfiction for Juveniles and Teens

Biography and Memoir

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes -- immerse yourself in the lives of the famous, the infamous, and the ever intriguing. Monthly.

New Picture Books

Check out our newest picture books for kids.

Christian Fiction

Like a little faith with your fiction? These titles, representing a range of genres from historical fiction to romance to suspense, will hit the spot. Bi-monthly.

New Teen Books

Keep up with what's new in Young Adult books that the Iredell County Public Library is adding to the Young Adult books collection. Monthly publication.


New & recently released cookbooks added to the library's collection. Bi-monthly.

Page to Screen

Is the book better? Decide for yourself with this list of books that inspired recent or upcoming movies and TV shows. Bi-monthly.

Crafts, Hobbies, & Collecting

New & recently released books about crafts, hobbies, & collecting. Bi-monthly.

Popular Fiction

Take a walk through the aisles of our popular fiction section and discover a range of fascinating characters and stories to engage and enlighten. Monthly.

Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit News Quarterly

News, books, training, and other resources for local businesses and nonprofits.


Flirt with romance--whether you like your lovin' with ghosts, spies, or knights in shining armor, this newsletter will deliver, sealed with a kiss. Monthly.

eReads: the Latest eBooks & eAudiobooks

Monthly list of new fiction and nonfiction titles added to our eBook collection.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Unimpressed by reality? Are aliens, time travel, or perhaps wizards or mythic kingdoms your cup of tea? No matter what kind of fantasy and imagination you like -- dark or fairy-tale, science or technology -- you'll find something of interest here. Monthly.

History and Current Events

Whether you're interested in ancient Greece or modern peace, you'll find the world -- past and present -- here. Monthly.

Spicy Romance
Language & Literature Quarterly

Poetry, Language, and Creative Nonfiction

Spirituality and Religion

Looking inward, outward, or upward? All manner of devotional and spiritual books will be featured in this newsletter, to inform, enlighten, and engage. Bi-monthly.

Mysteries & Thrillers

Drawn to puzzles? Enjoy suspense? Footsteps behind you... A race against time... These books will provide you with a steady stream of who-dun-its and a racing heart. Monthly.

Stranger Than Fiction

The odd, the unusual, the just plain strange. Books about Big Foot and UFOs and all the oddities in between. Quarterly.

Nature and Science

No equation, test tube, or leaf is left unexamined! Explore the wonders of our world with books that will quench your thirst for knowledge. Bi-Monthly.

True Crime

New & Recently Released True Crime Titles. Bi-monthly.

New Adult Nonfiction

A newsletter showcasing the newest adult nonfiction titles in our collection.

New Juvenile Fiction

Enjoy this preview of new fiction aimed at juvenile readers ages 9-12, but really for everyone.

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