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Biographies and Memoirs

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes--immerse yourself in the lives of the famous, the infamous, and the ever intriguing. Monthly.

New Large Print at MPHPL

Do you prefer large print books? Keep up with what's new in Large Print at the library!

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Fantasy and Sci-Fi books to help you escape reality. This list will sometimes feature staff picks, and sometimes it will feature new or highly rated items.

Personal Growth

Achieve your goals, change your habits, question your thinking or beliefs, expand your comfort zone, challenge your biases...these are some of the ways in which we can personally grow. Personal growth is often initiated and supported by what we are experiencing and what information we are consuming. In order to improve and build forward momentum, personal growth requires effort, and, at times, it can be a very difficult and life-altering. However, developing into a better, more complete, more satisfied person is worth the effort. The information resources included in this list have challenged and encouraged others towards personal growth, perhaps they will do the same for you.

Historical Fiction

Enjoy going back in time with a wide variety of historical fiction novels!

Read it Again: Children’s and young adult literature for grown-ups

Revisit the books, images, and tales from your childhood. Or take this opportunity to catch up on more recent works produced for younger readers. This is a book list based on nostalgia and the undefinable comfort that comes from immersing oneself in a good piece of children’s or young adult literature.


Books to send shivers down your spine and keep you up at night.

Staff Picks

Books and movies recommended by the MPHPL staff. Monthly.

New DVDs Coming to the Library This Month

Want to know when that new movie you want to see is going to be at the library? This monthly list shows you new movies coming to the library that month!

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