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Our monthly round-up of classes and events just for adults at MPL


A monthly list featuring the top ten books loved by librarians across the U.S.

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Learning starts here! Everything you need to know about classes and special events for kids at MPL. Monthly.


Drawn to puzzles? These books will provide you with a steady stream of who-dun-its for your solving delight. Monthly.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Whether fueled by magic or advanced technology, imagination is the engine of speculative fiction. This newsletter brings you the best of fantasy, science fiction, and everything in between. Monthly.

Teen Scene

All types of fiction for those who want to imagine different realities -- and nonfiction for those who are trying to understand ours! For high school readers age 14 and up. Monthly.

Fiction A to Z

Take a walk through the aisles of our general fiction section and discover a range of fascinating characters and stories to engage and enlighten. Monthly.

Thrillers and Suspense

Footsteps behind you... Conspiracy theories... A race against time... Horrific consequences... If you're seeking white knuckles and a racing heart, you've come to the right place. Monthly.

Kids' Books

Find out what’s new and cool! We’ll suggest fun and fascinating fiction (and great nonfiction, too) for kids in elementary school, ages 8-11. Monthly.

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