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College and Career Center Fall 2008

I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand."  Confucius


Deciding what to do after high school can be difficult.  Here is a selection of resources that can help you with your decision.

New and Recently Released!

Choices for the High School Graduate: A Survival Guide for the Information Age - by Bryna J. Fireside
Publisher: Ferguson
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 5/2005
ISBN-13: 9780816055944
ISBN-10: 0816055947
Provides information for students on alternatives to college, including such options as internship programs, the military, and deferred college admissions.

Fiske What to Do When for College, 2008-2009: A Student and Parent's Guide to Deadlines, Planning and the Last Two Years of High School - by Edward B. Fiske
Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 1/2008
ISBN-13: 9781402210471
ISBN-10: 1402210477
Provides a chronologically arranged guide, spread over the course of 16 months, with exact dates of deadlines and essays by college experts offering advice on essay writing, college visits, standardized testing, prep courses and addressing what to do each week.

How to Go to College on a Shoe String: The Insider's Guide to Grants, Scholarships, Cheap Books, Fellowships, and Other Financial Aid Secrets - by Ann Marie O'Phelan
Publisher: Atlantic Pub.
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 1/2008
ISBN-13: 9781601380203
ISBN-10: 1601380208
Offers students and their parents a variety of tips on finding out what college funds are available for financing a college education and reducing out-of-pocket costs and explains innovative ways to save money on other items while in college, including books, entertainment, and travel.

Guide to College Majors: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Major - by Princeton Review
Publisher: Random House Inc
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 2/2008
ISBN-13: 9780375766374
ISBN-10: 0375766375
Provides information on more than 350 popular undergraduate majors, from accounting to zoology, including related fields, lists of colleges and university programs, suggested high school preparation courses, possible courses of study, and career and salary prospects for graduates.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Financial Aid for College - by David Rye
Publisher: Alpha
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 2/2008
ISBN-13: 9781592577460
ISBN-10: 1592577466
Provides advice and guidance for how to fund a college education, covering savings plans; loans; financial aid forms and packages; scholarships and grants; and special aid for minority, female, handicapped, and nontraditional students.

The Uncollege Alternative: Your Guide to Incredible Careers and Amazing Adventures Outside College - by Danielle Wood
Publisher: Regan Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 4/2000
ISBN-13: 9780060393083
ISBN-10: 0060393084
Explores career options that do not involve a college degree, with advice on internships, paid community service projects, and training programs.
Campus Life

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into at College - by Harlan Cohen
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 3/2005
ISBN-13: 9781402203374
ISBN-10: 1402203373
Readers receive expert and student advice about roommates, relationships, classes, friends, finances, dorm life, sex, alcohol, Greek life, laundry and everything else that really matters in college.

The College Dorm Survival Guide: How to Survive and Thrive in Your New Home Away from Home - by Julia DeVillers
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 5/2006
ISBN-13: 9780761526742
ISBN-10: 0761526749
A handbook for students preparing for their first year of college provides helpful information and survival tips on the ins and outs of dorm life, offering advice on such topics as how to cope with a roommate, feelings of homesickness and depression, andthe temptations of partying and drinking.

Navigating Your Freshman Year: How to Make the Leap to College Life and Land on Your Feet - by Natavi Guides, Inc.
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 4/2005
ISBN-13: 9780735203921
ISBN-10: 073520392X
Written by students, for students, this guide shows freshmen how to get through their first year with flying colors.

The College Awareness Guide: What Students Need to Know to Succeed in College - by Bruce M. Rowe
Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 6/2006
ISBN-13: 9780131716667
ISBN-10: 0131716662
A guide to help students achieve success in college covers such topics as choosing a major, financial aid, textbooks, taking notes, stress management, time management, study skills, and college life.

Making the Grade with ADD: A Student's Guide to Succeeding in College with Attention Deficit Disorder - by Stephanie Moulton Sarkis
Publisher: New Harbinger
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 7/2008
ISBN-13: 9781572245549
ISBN-10: 1572245549
This easy-to-use guide will help you create study habits that work with your ADD in productive and positive ways.
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