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Biography & Memoir

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes: immerse yourself in the lives of the famous, the infamous, and everyone in-between. Monthly.

Nature & Science

Explore the wonders of our world with books that will quench your thirst for knowledge. Bi-monthly.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Whether fueled by magic or advanced technology, imagination is the engine of speculative fiction. This newsletter brings you the best of fantasy, science fiction, and everything in between. Monthly.

New York Times Fiction Bestsellers

An up-to-date list of the New York Times Fiction Bestsellers. Weekly.

Fiction A to Z

Take a walk through the aisles of our general fiction section and discover a range of fascinating characters and stories to engage and enlighten. Monthly.

New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers

An up-to-date list of the New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers. Weekly.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Stretch your muscles and your mind with our selection of books that explore the financial, physical, and philosophical challenges in life. Bi-monthly.

Other Realities: Fantasy & Science Fiction

No matter what kind of story you like--space-age or fairy-tale, comedic or romantic, rooted in our world or a different one--you'll find something of interest here. Monthly.

Historical Fiction

Looking for engaging stories to take you back in time? Subscribe to this monthly newsletter for new and recommended historical fiction titles.

Other Realities: Horror

Tales of uncertainty, terror, or blind panic, the books featured here are sure to send chills down your spine! Monthly.

History & Current Events

Whether you're interested in ancient Greece or modern peace, you'll find the world--past and present--here. Monthly.

Picture Books

Looking for great picture books to share with the children in your life? You'll find books here that are sure to captivate their young imaginations. Monthly.

Home, Garden, & DIY

Keep yourself busy with new ideas and projects, both inside and outside of your home. Bi-monthly.


Whether you like your lovin' with ghosts, spies, or knights in shining armor, this newsletter will deliver--sealed with a kiss. Monthly.

Kids' Books

Find out what’s new and cool! We’ll suggest fun and fascinating fiction (and great nonfiction, too) for kids in elementary school. Monthly.

Women's Literature

A newsletter featuring great books for, by, and about women. Monthly.

Mystery & Thrillers

New and notable releases that are guaranteed to keep you guessing! Monthly.

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