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Ancestor Searching

March, 2012

Vol. 6, # 12

’Ancestor Searching’*

A Service of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

*Now in the sixth year of distribution to multiple states!


Genealogy News  

It's time again for a new series of our Friday night genealogy program 'Sitting Up with the Dead'. The first one is set for next month on Friday, April 20th. The program will run from 6 PM to 11 PM and cost $22.50 per person (includes box meal), $15 per person without meal.
For the first time, the evening will start off with a webinar entitled ' Who Was Your Mother's Mother's Mother's Mother?' After the broadcast, there will be time for questions or discussion before serious research begins.
Tickets may be purchased as usual on HMCPL's Store web site at
Sign up to join us! Bring a friend! We look forward to a fun evening.
The 1940 census will be released digitally on April 2, 2012. The digital images will be accessible at NARA facilities nationwide through its public access computers as well as on personal computers via the internet.
The 1940 and later censuses are not available for public use because of a statutory 72-year restriction on access for privacy reasons (92 Stat. 915; Public Law 95-416; October 5, 1978). If you need information about yourself or a deceased heir from the 1940 or later censuses for legal or other purposes, fill out Form BC-600 [PDF 147KB] from the Census Bureau's Age Search Service or write to: U.S. Census Bureau, National Processing Center, 1201 East 10th St., Jeffersonville, IN 47132.
Baptismal Records – Helping to Scale Your Brick Walls
By: Carolyn L. Barkley
'Have you ever looked at an online family tree only to find that the birth dates of the children in the family seem to make no sense? This situation may be caused by someone entering baptismal dates instead of birth dates (in much the same way that a marriage bond date is often confused with the date of an actual marriage). Baptismal records, however, can provide important documentation for an individual and his family, such as the name of the individual and his or her date of birth, parents’ names, and place of baptism. As such, they often assist us as we try to scale a brick wall in our research.
To locate a baptismal record, it is important to establish an approximate place of birth (approximate, as the place of birth and place of baptism may not necessarily be identical). Once the place of birth is known, it will be helpful to determine what form of religion might have been practiced by the family, although, as we shall see, this religious affiliation is not always an indicator of the type of church in which the baptism took place. Thus, it is important to understand the baptismal practices (or lack thereof) of various religions, something about the church history in the geographical area of interest, and various other factors which might have influenced a possible baptism in a specific time and place.'

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