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Home, Garden, and DIY May 2014
"How much the making of a garden, no matter how small, adds to the joy of living,
only those who practice the arts and the science can know."
~ E.H. Wilson (1876-1930), English plant collector
New and Recently Released!
Designer Cross Stitch Projects: Over 100 Colorful and Contemporary Patterns - by CrossStitcher Magazine
Publisher: Design Originals
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 01/01/2014
Share Designer Cross Stitch Projects%3a Over 100 Colorful and Contemporary Patterns ISBN-13: 9781574217216
ISBN-10: 1574217216
Stitchers, prepare yourselves, because this is not the dainty needlework of yesteryear. Nope, this eye-popping collection from CrossStitcher magazine is bursting with "retromodern, bold, and graphic" (Library Journal) designs that beg to be shared on Pinterest and Instagram. Running the gamut from delicate to funky, some designs are geared toward home decor (a charming circus scene, a colorful message pillow) while smaller items (a stitched felt phone case, video game-themed buttons) are suitable for gift-giving or embellishing. Each project comes with a detailed chart and customizable floss options, making this imaginative book as easy to use as it is fun to browse.
Carla's Comfort Foods: Favorite Dishes from Around the World - by Carla Hall with Genevieve Ko
Publisher: Pocket Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 04/01/2014
Share Carla ISBN-13: 9781451662221
ISBN-10: 145166222X
Fans of Top Chef and The Chew will be delighted to discover that chef Carla Hall's enthusiastic, engaging attitude comes across just as well in a cookbook as it does on TV. Here, Hall (along with co-writer Genevieve Ko) sings the praises of cross-cultural comfort foods, encouraging cooks to experiment with flavor combinations from far afield. In addition to flavorful, homestyle recipes such as rustic bacon apple pie and vadouvan curried carrot soup, she offers up suggested variations, prep tips, and personal anecdotes in a chatty, reassuring tone that's perfectly pitched for beginning chefs. For further cozy and comforting recipes from Hall, check out Cooking with Love: Comfort Food That Hugs You.
Pinch Pottery: Functional, Modern Handbuilding - by Susan Halls
Publisher: Lark Crafts
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 01/07/2014
Share Pinch Pottery%3a Functional, Modern Handbuilding ISBN-13: 9781454704133
ISBN-10: 1454704136
With a focus on ceramic techniques that require only hands and basic tools, Pinch Pottery allows crafters to eschew expensive equipment and simply start creating -- no pottery wheel required. Potter Susan Halls' teaching style is wonderfully clear and accessible, and her coverage of basic pinch pottery shapes, methods, and surface treatments is further enhanced by up-close, photographic instructions. The nine featured designs include timeless standards such as a vase and a bowl as well as more unusual pieces such as a teapot and an hors d'oeuvres tray. Once you've mastered these handbuilding essentials, try taking your decorative skills up a notch with Maureen Mills' Surface Design for Ceramics.
Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden - by Niki Jabbour
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 03/25/2014
Share Groundbreaking Food Gardens%3a 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden ISBN-13: 9781612120614
ISBN-10: 161212061X
Growers in search of fresh ideas will find plenty to chew on in this colorful tour of food gardens cultivated by a variety of horticultural heavy hitters. With 73 gardens shown (and DIY plans included for each), there's something for everyone: rooftop and balcony gardens, historically accurate vintage gardens, gardens to attract wildlife or accommodate microlivestock (e.g. bees and chickens), and even quirky themed spaces (such as a hot-dog-shaped garden that yields condiments for a classic Chicago-style dog). No matter what sort of garden you've got in mind, Groundbreaking Food Gardens provides "an abundance of creative advice" (Booklist).
Knit Your Own Zoo: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 24 Animals - by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 02/11/2014
Share Knit Your Own Zoo%3a Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 24 Animals ISBN-13: 9781579129606
ISBN-10: 1579129609
Lions and tigers and bears -- you can knit them all with this new volume from the authors of Knit Your Own Cat and Knit Your Own Dog. In addition to those storybook favorites and other familiar zoo creatures, Knit Your Own Zoo also has patterns for unusual animals (lemur, giant anteater, fruit bat) to diversify your woolly menagerie. More realistic than amigurumi, these little critters are posable, playtime-ready, and absolutely adorable; the shaggy orangutan and the kangaroo with removable joey are especially likely to elicit squeals of glee. The patterns may be a bit challenging for beginning knitters, but the results are easy to love.
Greening Small Spaces
Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants - by Debra Lee Baldwin
Publisher: Timber Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 01/20/2010
Share Succulent Container Gardens%3a Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants ISBN-13: 9780881929591
ISBN-10: 088192959X
Mobile, versatile container gardens are a budget-savvy choice for small spaces, and the alluring colors and textures of succulents (such as cacti, yuccas, and agaves) are ideal for gardeners who want dramatic visual impact. While Debra Lee Baldwin's expert guidance on planting, tending, propagating, and overwintering succulents is more than enough to recommend this book, the fact that Succulent Container Gardens also illustrates tons of tasteful arrangements AND includes a whole chapter of design-oriented plant lists makes it darn near indispensable. So be careful -- once you get started, you might never want to stop expanding your striking succulent container gardens.
Small-Plot, High-Yield Gardening: Grow Like a Pro, Save Money, and Eat Well from Your Front (or Back or Side) Yard 100% Organic Produce Garden - by Sal Gilbertie and Larry Sheehan
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 02/09/2010
Share Small-Plot, High-Yield Gardening%3a Grow Like a Pro, Save Money, and Eat Well from Your Front (or Back or Side) Yard 100% Organic Produce Garden ISBN-13: 9781580080378
ISBN-10: 1580080375
Many urbanites and suburbanites have been bitten by the gardening bug -- but may not know how to plan and maintain productive, organic gardens in their small spaces. With detailed garden plans for a variety of plot sizes, information about succession plantings (what to plant in a single bed in spring, summer, and fall), and a step-by-step calendar of year-round gardening tasks, the authors provide enough information for beginners to start putting their lawns to work producing food. For additional perspectives on small-space, high-yield gardening, check out Carleen Madigan's The Backyard Homestead.
The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature - by Tovah Martin; photographs by Kindra Clineff
Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Publishers
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 02/24/2009
Share The New Terrarium%3a Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature ISBN-13: 9780307407313
ISBN-10: 0307407314
Looking for a simple, low-maintenance way to bring a little greenery into your life? Plants grown in terrariums thrive in conditions that would otherwise thwart them -- for instance, in cubicles with little natural light or dry indoor air. Tovah Martin, a contributor to the PBS show Cultivating Life and the author of many gardening books (including Garden Whimsy and Indoor Gardens), guides readers through selecting suitable containers and plants and through designing, assembling, and maintaining terrariums. With its cool concepts for glassed-in gardens both "sophisticated and whimsical" (Library Journal), The New Terrarium gives hope to black-thumbed plant-lovers everywhere!
Fresh Food from Small Spaces: The Square-Inch Gardener's Guide to Year-Round Growing, Fermenting, and Sprouting - by R.J. Ruppenthal
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 11/15/2008
Share Fresh Food from Small Spaces%3a The Square-Inch Gardener ISBN-13: 9781603580281
ISBN-10: 160358028X
One of the best things you can do for your health, pocketbook, and the planet is to grow some of your own food. This may seem impossible if you're an apartment-dweller or you've got a postage-stamp yard, but R.J. Ruppenthal's "mini-course in urban food production" demonstrates how even a rooftop, windowsill, or counter can be enough space to provide home-grown food. In addition to fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you can also provide your own grains, mushrooms, fermented foods (like yogurt), and -- as yard space and local laws allow -- honey and eggs. If you're looking to cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle, you should check out this inspiring and practical book.
Small Space Gardens - by David Stevens
Publisher: Harper Design International
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 10/01/2003
Share Small Space Gardens ISBN-13: 9780060567606
ISBN-10: 0060567600
David Stevens' guide to gardening is aimed at readers who have both limited square footage and a desire to tie the exterior of their home to the interior. In straightforward prose, Stevens walks you progressively through the entire planning process, from evaluating what currently exists in your garden to making a design scheme that maximizes space to selecting plants with colors, textures, and uses that suit your home. With an emphasis on merging fashion and function into one harmonious framework, Small Space Gardens is the go-to resource for the design-conscious and spatially constrained gardener.
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