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African American Fiction

The African American Fiction Newsletter covers select new African American fiction of all genres (contemporary, urban, romance, mysteries, etc). Monthly


Drawn to puzzles? These books will provide you with a steady stream of who-dun-its for your solving delight. Monthly.


Whether you're on the road or just like to multitask, these newsletters will be music to your ears. Monthly.

Nature and Science

No equation, test tube, or leaf is left unexamined! Explore the wonders of our world with books that will quench your thirst for knowledge. Bi-Monthly.

Career Sources

Looking for a change? Our Career newsletter explores books and library resources that will help you in your job search, explore new career options, interviewing, resumes and networking. Monthly

NYT Fiction Bestsellers

An up-to-date list of the New York Times Fiction Bestsellers. Weekly.

Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators is a newsletter designed to meet the needs of people reading aloud to preschool children in groups, designing early literacy experiences and looking for latest and greatest books that appeal to preschool children. Subscribe to t

NYT Nonfiction Bestsellers

An up-to-date list of the New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers. Weekly.


Unimpressed by reality? No matter what kind of fantasy you like--dark or fairy-tale, comic or romantic--you'll find something of interest here. Monthly.

Picture Books

Looking for great picture books to share with the children in your life? You'll find books here that are sure to captivate their young imaginations. Monthly.

Fiction A to Z

Take a walk through the aisles of our general fiction section and discover a range of fascinating characters and stories to engage and enlighten. Monthly.


Flirt with romance--whether you like your lovin' with ghosts, spies, or knights in shining armor, this newsletter will deliver, sealed with a kiss. Monthly.

Graphic Novels & Manga

Discover some awesome new graphic novels and manga for both teens and adults,

Science Fiction

Science, technology, and imagination collide in the world of science fiction. Are aliens, time travel, and mutants your cup of Martian tea? Bi-monthly.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Stretch your muscles and your mind with our selection of books that explore the financial, physical, and philosophical challenges in life. Bi-monthly.

Teen Scene

All types of fiction for those who want to imagine different realities--and nonfiction for those who are trying to understand ours! For readers of high school age and up. Monthly.

Home, Garden, and DIY

Whether you wield a hammer, whisk, spade, or crochet hook, this newsletter will keep you busy with a constant stream of projects. Monthly.

Tutor Times

Suggestions of materials for tutors of ESL and ABE students to use in their lessons, following a different theme each month. Monthly

Kids' Books

Find out what’s new and cool! We’ll suggest fun and fascinating fiction (and great nonfiction, too) for kids in elementary school. Monthly.

Tween Reads

Too young to drive, but too old for kid stuff? These books (mostly fiction, with some nonfiction) are just right for the middle school set. Bi-monthly.

LGBT Booklist

New media of all formats selected with the LGBT community in mind. Something on each list is sure to spark interest in every corner of our vast rainbow community. Monthly.


A monthly list featuring the top ten books loved by librarians across the U.S.

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