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Fantasy February 2014

"Gabriel streaked across the heavens like a tumbling meteor, his corpse a fireball of sublimated perfection. He had been a creature of peerless majesty, but now the throes of his death etched the firmament."
~ from Ian Tregillis' Something More Than Night

New and Recently Released!
Masks - by E.C. Blake
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 11/05/2013
Share Masks ISBN-13: 9780756407599
ISBN-10: 0756407591
Epic Fantasy. In Aygrima, adult citizens wear masks at the command of the Autarch, who uses the devices as an instrument of control. However, the masks also symbolize the profession of the wearer and indicate his or her status in society, which is why 15-year-old Mara Holdfast can't wait for her own Masking Ceremony. Unfortunately, Mara's unusual ability to perceive all the colors of magic (as opposed to just one) makes her a threat to her society. Taken from her family and enslaved, Mara must spend the rest of her life toiling in Aygrima's mines -- unless, that is, she can discover a way to use her gifts to gain her freedom.
The Golden City - by J. Kathleen Cheney
Publisher: Roc Trade
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 11/05/2013
Share The Golden City ISBN-13: 9780451417749
ISBN-10: 0451417747
Historical Fantasy. Although she's spent two years in the service of Lady Isabel Amaral, Oriana Peredes is no maid -- she's sereia, one of the seafolk who inhabit the rocky islands off the coast of Portugal. Since her people are prohibited from setting foot on the mainland, Oriana has been gone to great lengths to disguise herself as a human. However, after surviving abduction and attempted murder, Oriana becomes the assistant of Duilio Ferreira, a half-selkie gentleman who's investigating a series of mysterious disappearances. Set in 1902 Lisbon, The Golden City is richly detailed and atmospheric debut that combines fantasy, mystery, and romance.
Elementary: All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters - edited by Mercedes Lackey
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 12/03/2013
Share Elementary%3a All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters ISBN-13: 9780756409593
ISBN-10: 0756409594
Short Stories. Nineteen authors contribute tales to this second anthology, after Elemental Magic, set in the world of Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters series, which envisions a magical version of Edwardian London where wizards known as Elemental Masters control the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Most stories are loosely based on classic fairy tales, and all complement the novels that comprise the bulk of the series. Although the books can be read in any order, newcomers to this enchanting realm may want to start with The Fire Rose.
Something More Than Night - by Ian Tregillis
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 12/03/2013
Share Something More Than Night ISBN-13: 9780765334329
ISBN-10: 0765334321
Noir Fantasy. The archangel Gabriel has been murdered, his world-destroying Jericho trumpet stolen. On the case is fallen angel Bayliss, who models himself on Raymond Chandler's iconic private eye, Philip Marlowe. Charged by his superiors to find a replacement -- specifically a dim-witted, docile human who can be resurrected into an obedient angel -- Bayliss ends up in a sticky situation when his intended victim survives, leading to the accidental death (and subsequent recruitment) of Molly Pruett, a sharp-tongued, strong-willed young woman who has ideas of her own about how to spend her afterlife. If you enjoy witty, intricately plotted fantasy detective stories with appealing characters and extensive world-building, don't miss this new novel by the author of the Milkweed Trilogy.
Annihilation - Jeff VanderMeer
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 02/04/2014
Share Annihilation ISBN-13: 9780374104092
ISBN-10: 0374104093
Describes the 12th expedition to “Area X,” a region cut off from the continent for decades, by a group of intrepid women scientists who try to ignore the high mortality rates of those on the previous 11 missions.
Moth and spark : a novel - Anne Leonard
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 02/20/2014
Share Moth and spark %3a  a novel ISBN-13: 9780670015702
ISBN-10: 0670015709
While Prince Corin struggles to free the dragons from their bondage to the Empire to save the country from a brewing war, doctor's daughter Tam discovers her powers as a Seer and inadvertently captures Corin's heart in spite of edicts that would forbid their union.
Focus on: Fantasy Lovers
Cry Wolf - by Patricia Briggs
Publisher: Ace Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 02/05/2013
Share Cry Wolf ISBN-13: 9780425261323
ISBN-10: 0425261328
Urban Fantasy. Submissive by nature, werewolf Anna Latham knows how to survive at the bottom of the pack: keep out of sight and don't trust anyone, especially alpha males. But when Charles Cornick, enforcer for the Marrock (the leader of the North American pack), rescues Anna from her abusers and declares her his mate, Anna learns that she's a rare Omega wolf with the power to quell violence and unrest among pack members. Set in the same world as author Patricia Briggs' Mercedes Thompson series, Cry Wolf is the 1st of the full-length Alpha and Omega novels; Anna and Charles' story begins in the novella "Alpha and Omega," originally featured in the anthology On the Prowl.
Soulless - by Gail Carriger
Publisher: Orbit
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 10/01/2009
Share Soulless ISBN-13: 9780316056632
ISBN-10: 0316056634
Steampunk Fantasy. Alexia Tarabotti has no soul. This enables the 26-year-old Englishwoman to nullify the supernatural powers of others -- a useful talent in a society seething with vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. Unfortunately, it also makes her unmarriageable, which is why it must be kept a secret. But after Alexia dispatches a vampire with her parasol, attractive Scottish werewolf Lord Conall Maccon, a government official with the Bureau of Unnatural Registry, comes to investigate. Set in an alternate 19th-century London and combining steampunk, romance, and comedy of manners, Soulless is the 1st volume in the Parasol Protectorate series, which continues with Changeless.
Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel - by Jeaniene Frost
Publisher: Avon Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 11/01/2007
Share Halfway to the Grave%3a A Night Huntress Novel ISBN-13: 9780061245084
ISBN-10: 0061245089
Urban Fantasy. When Catherine "Cat" Crawfield discovered that her deadbeat dad was a vampire, she promised her mother that she'd put a stake in every bloodsucker she could find. Since making that vow, Cat has spent most evenings killing the undead. But when vampire bounty hunter Bones intervenes and proposes a partnership to hunt down rogue vampires, Cat must learn to reconcile her slayer's mission with both her own supernatural heritage and her inconvenient attraction to her sexy new partner.
Shades of Milk and Honey - by Mary Robinette Kowal
Publisher: Tor
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 06/07/2011
Share Shades of Milk and Honey ISBN-13: 9780765325600
ISBN-10: 0765325608
Historical Fantasy. In a Jane Austen-esque world where young ladies cultivate the magical art of "Glamour" to enhance home and hearth, sisters Jane and Melody Ellsworth lack the means to marry well but are determined to do so anyway. Plain Jane, gifted at Glamour, struggles to find a suitor who's interested in more than looks, while beautiful Melody finds herself drawn to an unsuitable man. The series, which continues with Glamour in Glass and Without a Summer, mixes magic and Regency romance.
The Lost - by Vicki Pettersson
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 03/19/2013
Share The Lost ISBN-13: 9780062064653
ISBN-10: 0062064657
Noir Fantasy. Since saving the life of rockabilly reporter Kit Craig, private investigator Griffin "Grif" Shaw -- an angel Centurion whose job is to guide the souls of the recently deceased -- has been learning how to balance his romance with Kit and his decades-old desire to solve his own murder. As complicated as their personal relationship is, their professional partnership is even more so: while Grif can't interfere with deaths-in-progress, Kit has no compunctions about stepping in to save lives...which, naturally, leads to big trouble in Heaven and on Earth. This sequel to The Taken is the 2nd book in the Celestial Blues series.
Angels' Blood - by Nalini Singh
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 03/03/2009
Share Angels ISBN-13: 9780425226926
ISBN-10: 0425226921
Urban Fantasy. Hired by the archangel Raphael to locate and kill a rogue angel, Guild hunter Elena Devereaux knows that although her mission is impossible, refusing one of the most powerful immortal beings in the universe is simply not an option. Elena may be tough, but Raphael is downright lethal -- and, unfortunately for Elena's sanity and focus, very attractive. Can Elena fulfill her contract for Raphael, or will their mutual passion result in their destruction? Angels' Blood is the opening installment of the Guild Hunter series, followed by Archangel's Kiss.
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