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Romance February 2014
"Words are the physicians of a mind diseased."
~ Aeschylus (525-456 BCE), ancient Greek playwright, Prometheus Bound
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Temptation Bay - by Anna Sullivan
Publisher: Grand Central
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 12/17/2013
Share Temptation Bay ISBN-13: 9781455525355
ISBN-10: 1455525359
Contemporary Romance. Because she ferries passengers from the mainland across Temptation Bay, charter pilot Maggie Sullivan is always first to meet new arrivals to Windfall Island. Although she's good at sizing people up, she doesn't know what to make of the enigmatic Dex Keegan. Meanwhile, Dex, a private investigator hired to locate the long-lost heir to the Stanhope family fortune, can't reveal the true reason for his visit to anyone -- not even the beautiful, passionate Maggie, who tempts him like no other woman. Set in a close-knit coastal Maine community, this 1st novel in the Windfall Island series is a fast-paced, steamy page-turner with a hint of mystery.
Doctor, Doctor
That Scandalous Summer - by Meredith Duran
Publisher: Pocket Books
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 01/29/2013
Share That Scandalous Summer ISBN-13: 9781451606966
ISBN-10: 1451606966
Victorian Romance. Not content to be the spare to his ducal brother's heir, Lord Michael de Grey pursues his vocation as a physician at a London charity hospital. When he's given an ultimatum -- marry or lose his family's financial support -- Michael relocates to Cornwall to practice medicine as plain "Mr. Grey." However, upon meeting lovely widow Mrs. Elizabeth Chudderley he begins to rethink his aversion to matrimony. Alas, neither one is wealthy and Elizabeth has a rather scandalous reputation, which means that their budding romance may not survive the summer. Don't miss this engaging opening installment of the Rules for the Reckless series.
The Wedding Game - by Jane Feather
Publisher: Random House
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 03/01/2004
Share The Wedding Game ISBN-13: 9780553586206
ISBN-10: 0553586203
Edwardian Romance. The Duncan sisters have made a name for themselves as society matchmakers. Youngest sister Chastity, still unwed, takes charge of their newest client, Dr. Douglas Farrell, who wants a wealthy, well-connected wife to ensure the success of his medical practice, which serves London's poorest. Put off by Douglas' mercenary approach to matrimony, Chastity decides to find him exactly what he's looking for -- only to discover that Douglas has changed his mind and wants her instead. The Wedding Game is the 3rd book in the Duncan Sisters trilogy. For more engaging Edwardian romances about matchmakers, try Laura Lee Gurhke's An American Heiress in London series, beginning with When the Marquess Met His Match.
Houston, We Have a Problem - by Erin McCarthy
Publisher: Brava
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 08/01/2004
Share Houston, We Have a Problem ISBN-13: 9780758205971
ISBN-10: 075820597X
Contemporary Romance. Josie Adkins, a resident in orthopedics at a Florida hospital, is not a klutz. Really. It's just that whenever Dr. Houston Hayes enters a room, Josie can't seem to concentrate on anything but the handsome surgeon. Houston notices Josie as well, but the distraction she causes makes him cranky rather than clumsy. Unaccustomed to losing his cool, he proposes a one-night stand to cure them both of their inconvenient attraction. As if that ever works. If you're a fan of fast-paced, funny on-the-job romances, try Jennifer Bernard's Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel series.
Only Yours - by Susan Mallery
Publisher: HQN
Check Library Catalog Pub Date: 08/30/2011
Share Only Yours ISBN-13: 9780373775941
ISBN-10: 0373775946
Contemporary Romance. Training therapy dogs is what Montana Hendrix was born to do, but when one particularly rowdy pup named Fluffy gets loose in a hospital burn unit, a tongue-lashing from Dr. Simon Bradley convinces Montana that her career has just gone up in smoke. Simon, a pediatric burn specialist who bears physical and emotional scars of his own, has spent his career moving from one hospital to the next without getting attached. However, for the sake of his young patients, he's willing to let Montana and her dogs into his ward -- and, possibly, his heart. Opposites attract, then find love and mutual respect in this moving 5th novel in the Fool's Gold series.
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